Europe Trip Paris Day 5

Tuesday, 07 March 2000 Till now, We’re still in Paris but going to Brussels tomorrow early morning for a day trip. So we’ve decided to stay relax and feel easy for today, as not to get over-tired. Also, we w to Spain Tourism Center to find hotels and travel information for coming week planning. A […]

Europe Trip Paris Day 4

Monday, 06 March 2000 First day of the week. Many places like main road, Metro station and public area are crowded with busy Parisan. The weather is quite cold, about degrees Celsius. Learnt from Daniele for a very interesting place in Paris, Les Puces de Saint Quen. The largest flea-market in Europe. A place that […]

Europe Trip Paris Day 3

Sunday, 05 March 2000 Today is sunday. Many shops around the Colombes town was closed; minimart, provision shop, video shop, etc…. Went to the sunday market to look-see-look-see. Not much different from local market, only the food and product. There are many type of food and product there, for example like beef sausage, fish, meat, […]

Europe Trip – Paris Day 2

After a nice breakfast in Daniele home, we started our sightseeing in the Paris city. Basically, Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (districts). There is always a metro (underground) station within 500m, roaming around the city is very convenience. The first place for today is the Arc de Triomphe. It was commissioned in 1806 by […]

Europe Trip – Bangkok to Paris

Friday, 03 March 2000 After the 22 hours flight by Thai Airways, finally the plane successful landed at Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris at 07:25am. The weather in the morning is quite cold. Just out side the airport, we took the Roissy Bus, then change to suburb train at Gare St Lazare to […]