Europe Trip – Bangkok to Paris

Friday, 03 March 2000

After the 22 hours flight by Thai Airways, finally the plane successful landed at Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris at 07:25am.

The weather in the morning is quite cold. Just out side the airport, we took the Roissy Bus, then change to suburb train at Gare St Lazare to Colombes. I got a friend’s place to stay at Colombes, suburb of Paris.

Paris has almost exhausted the superlatives that can reasonably be applied to a city. Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower – at sunrise, at sunset, at night – have been describe and nauseam, as have the seine and the subtle (and not-so subtle) differences between the Left and Right banks …. You too may find yourself humming that old Cole Porter favorite as you walk the streets : ‘I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall…
extract from Lonely Planet.

After some rest at the friend’s house, we are just whiz around to familiar with the public transport system in the city. The cheapest and easiest way to travel the metro is to get a Carte Orange (Orange Card), a bus/metro/RER pass come in weekly and monthly period.

Starting to hit the attraction.

New photo by han neng / Google Photos

First stop, the La Grand Arche de la Dfense is a hollow office building topped with an art gallery and viewing platform. This fantastic commercial building is located at the eastern suburb of Paris, a business district surrounding with high buildings. It is also one of the world’s unique monuments, the arch is frame one hectare large, set between earth and sky.

La Grand Arche de la Dfense was designed by Denish architect Mr Otto Von Sperkelsen in 1980. Visitors can take the lift to the top of the La Grand Arche to enjoy the overview of Paris.



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