Europe Trip – Paris Day 3

Sunday, 05 March 2000

Today is sunday. Many shops around the Colombes town was closed; minimart, provision shop, video shop, etc….

Went to the sunday market to look-see-look-see. Not much different from local market, only the food and product. There are many type of food and product there, for example like beef sausage, fish, meat, vegetable, fruits, etc…. Also, non-food product like painting, kitchenware, household items, and so on.

Helping Daniele clean the house in the morning. She prepared lunch for us, but we prefer to have some Chinese soup noodle.

According to Daniele, there are 100 over museums of all size and types in Paris. The most famous one is The Lourve Museum. It is world well known and largest, in term of collection and size. Yingna and myself, decided to visit the Lourve Museum today.

The Lourve Museum / Google Photos

The Lourve Museum was constructed around 1200 as royal palace, then became public museum in 1973. The Lourve’s entrance is covered by a glass pyramid designed by American Chinese I.M. Pei. It was completed in 1990.

The painting, scultures and artefacts on display have been assembled by French government over the five centuries and include works of art and artisanship from all over Europe as well as important collections of Assyrian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Coptic, Roman and Islamic art.

The pyramid entrance / Google Photos

The most famous work undoubtedly Leonardo da Vince’s Mona Lisa. Other masterpiece on display includes, Venus de Milo (Aphrodite), Winged Victory of Samothrace, and collections of painting cover the history of European from the mid-13th century to the 19th century.

Due to the early museum closure time, we have to evacuate by 6pm. We spent 6 hours to browse almost all the art pieces, painting, sculptures and artifacts, really a wonderful and tired trip.



Venus de Milo / Google Photos
The famous Mona Lisa
painting / Google Photos

One the way back, we visited St Paul church in Jewish quarter. While in the Jewish quarter, we saw many stall selling the famous Jewish food, Fallafel. Yummy.. very delicious. Fallafel is traditional Arab snack, usually served stuffef with deep-fried ground beans flavoured with spices, tomato, letture, pickles and spicy ‘tehina’ sauce, into a pocket of flat bread.

Along the way, pass-by Chatelet Les Halles, Forum de Halles, Tour St-Jacques and Eglise Saint Eustache. Due to late hours, we’ll come back to these places tomorrow.

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