Europe Trip Paris Day 5

Tuesday, 07 March 2000

Till now, We’re still in Paris but going to Brussels tomorrow early morning for a day trip.
So we’ve decided to stay relax and feel easy for today, as not to get over-tired. Also, we w to Spain Tourism Center to find hotels and travel information for coming week planning. A very informative and friendly staff at the center.

Notre Dame is one of the most magnificent achievements of Gothic architecture. The construction was begun in 1163 and completed around 1345. The exceptional features include the three spectacular rose windows.

Front view Notre Dame / Google Photos
Another view of Notre Dame / Google Photos

The Conciergerie was a luxurious royal palace when it was built in the 14th century, but then was transformed into a prison until 1914.

The Conciergerie in the back. / Google Photos

When the weather is warn, many Parisans flock into the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) to sunbathe. The Palaise du Luxembourg in the garden was built for Maria de’ Medici, queen of France from 1600 to 1610. It now houses the Senet, the upper house of the French parliament.

I was relaxing in the Luxembourg
Gardens / Google Photos
The Palaise du Luxembourg
in the garden / Google Photos
Luxembourg Gardens / Google Photos

The art centre, Centre Georges Pompidou also known as the Centre Beaubourg. It is dedicated to displaying and promoting modern and comtemporary exhibitions. The unique part of the building is the gigantic parallel tubes, displaying its steel framework, glass walls and vivid colors.

The art centre of Centre
Georges Pompidou / Google Photos
In the centre square of
Hotel de Ville / Google Photos

Soon after, we pass-by the Hotel de Ville, Paris’ city hall. This is a very crowded area with many Parisan. There is a small museum in the Hotel de Ville, that exhibits some Paris’ histrorical.

Went home early to prepared dinner and pack some food for tomorrow Brussels trip. So far, the Paris tour is a very enjoyable one. With friendly people and nice weather, we always looking for a exciting trip ahead.

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