6 days in Beijing of 1999

Flying by AirChina from Changi Airport, Singapore to Capital Airport, Beijing, was my first trip to China. I was always wanted to visit China for long time and now my dream come true. Planned by my girlfriend, we enjoy very much for the entire 6 days in Beijing. We were on our own and taking public transports travel around Beijing is fun too.

Summary of Beijing holiday :

Day 1 : 14 Aug 1999 Saturday
Arrival in Capital Airport at Beijing
Night sight seeing around Beijing

Day 2 : 15 Aug 1999 Sunday
Tian’anmen Squere 天安门广场
ZhongShan Park 中山公园
Former Imperial Palace / The Forbidden City 北京故宮
JingShan Park 北京市景山公园
Great Hall of the People 人民大会堂
The Monument to the People’s Heroes 人民英雄纪念碑
Chairman Mao Memorial Hall 毛主席纪念堂

Day 3 : 16 Aug 1999 Monday
The Summer Palace 頤和園

Day 4 : 17 Aug 1999 Tuesday
Shisanling [Ming Tombs] 明十三陵
Shisanling Reservoir 十三陵水库
The Great Wall – Badaling 北京长城

Day 5 : 18 Aug 1999 Wednesday
Tiantan Park [The Temple of Heaven] 天坛公园
Shopping at Wang Fu Jing 王府井大街

Day 6: 19 Aug 1999 Thursday
Walk around the city
Departure from Capital Airport, Beijing

Before we go to the various attractions in Beijing, let learn something about Beijing.

The original content was published on 1999.
I found an old CD containing all the content and I decided to re-publish again for fun.


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